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MVAC Predictions/ thoughts

Colonel Mustard

Posted 6:24 pm, 03/21/2021

Wilkes County football plays to see who the tallest
Midget is every year. As he is not going to do very well in their new conference. They will have issues with overall team speed there.


Posted 2:33 pm, 03/21/2021

Totally agree. WC coaching staff is pitiful. Ventured up to west Jefferson last on Friday and kids were constantly out of position. Especially on defense. Offense was predictable as always. QB being hurt not and excuse at this point but I'm sure we will read about that in the paper. Excuses. Central has way too much talent to be taken by the woodshed by any team in that conference. I'm sure fundeburke is laughing. And Ashe county may fare better than you think in 3A.


Posted 10:27 am, 03/20/2021

Totally agree about Brian Hampton. Although he is a great coach. Well he's a good coach. They've been beaten up on 2 a and 1 a competition for years. Every time realignment comes around they complain about their travel and how far it's going to be for them to go. Thank God now they have some schools that are close to them in the enrollment. They won't win a game in that conference. I can't wait to see Hibriten hang more on them. Basketball on turf it's terrible to watch.


Posted 12:16 am, 03/20/2021

Sorry for typos..i meant wins and anyone else.


Posted 12:15 am, 03/20/2021

Diemundbak..you support ewhs..? Lol...if you haven't heard..there are 3 other teams in Wilkes County with a lil talent that aren't fairing too well...and Ewhs has just as many wibs as anyond else in wilkes...


Posted 1:26 pm, 03/19/2021

As long as EW has current coaching staff, they will be terrible. No talent plus bad coaching equals lots of losses, on and off the field.

Colonel Mustard

Posted 9:18 am, 03/13/2021

I wonder how good of a coach he was last year when Watauga rolled in there and hung 52 on them? They will be perennial bottom dwellers in their new conference. Maybe not the bottom team bit a significant dropoff is going to occur. The funny thing is that new conference is weak.


Posted 11:59 pm, 12/12/2020

Well they haven't won the conference every year under him. But play time is up next year with a move to 3A and entry into a 3A/4A conference.


Posted 1:16 pm, 12/02/2020

As long as Brian Hampton is the Head Coach at Ashe County the MVAC will run through West Jefferson. Too good of a coach!


Posted 1:21 am, 11/19/2020

In terms of football


Posted 1:20 am, 11/19/2020

With all the COVID issues and fear of the unknown, what are some predictions for the MVAC conference this year? Any thoughts on teams, coaches, or players?

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